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About Us

Bindi Farms not only refers to the adornment worn traditionally on the foreheads of Hindu women, but also means “a starting point.” The beginning of this journey started with a dream, and a love of the land and animals. Over the years our focus has shifted and adapted to meet both the needs of our community as well as our ever changing and challenging times. But one thing has remained the same. The goal that we have been tirelessly working towards is to have a sustainable small family farm, and be able to offer our resources to the community. Wether that be in the form of herdshares and raw dairy, pastured duck eggs, rainbow chicken eggs, seasonal produce, heritage breed livestock, poultry, and waterfowl. Other exciting future plans include on site events, workshops, and educational opportunities for all ages. The farm was founded and is tended to by single Mama Lauren, and her animal crazy 5 year old daughter Ava.



Bindi Farms is nestled between vineyards in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. Our 5 acre farm might actually qualify as a zoo in its own right. We are home to a sassy midsized Jersey cow named Luna and her calf Stella, a herd of beautiful Mini Nubian, and standard Nubian dairy goats, miniature Babydoll sheep, Kune Kune pigs, the biggest assortment of poultry and waterfowl you have ever seen, peafowl, geese and even emu’s! Our friendly farm animals are watched over by our 4 superstar Livestock Guardian Dogs, Bhalu, Willa, Mia and Koda. These amazing dogs are the most eco friendly and non lethal option to keep our animals safe from predators day and night. Bindi farms runs primarily on solar power, and we practice humane and animal centered farming practices. We are a vegetarian farm, and all of our livestock will live out the rest of their days here in our care or transition to amazing local homes. We also practice respectful dairy practices. None of the babies are separated from their mothers at birth, which is the standard commercial practice. Instead we let the youngsters stay with their mothers full time until an appropriate age when they have started eating some solids. At that time the kiddos are separated into their own nursery stall overnight right next to their Mamas where they play with their buddies and enjoy treats and snacks. Then in the morning the herd is put back out in pasture together to romp, play, and nurse all day. This decreases the amount of milk we receive by 50% or more, but we strongly feel that babies raised with their Moms is the best for the animals, and to raise healthy and vigorous offspring. All of the animals are tucked into cozy nd bedded stalls at night, and turned our in pasture for the day weather permitting. They nibble on pasture during the day, and receive top quality alfalfa hay which is necessary for any dairy animal to provide additional protein. Grain and alfalfa pellets are only given at milking time as treats and rewards, and to make for happy milkers. As a herdshare member, you are welcome to make an appointment to come visit the farm and to visit your cow or goat.


Animal welfare centered, raw, healthy products from our family to yours...

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